Writer,  video, and motion graphics editor who understands and is familiar with different media. Handy, capable of troubleshooting media or technological problems with  a broad depth and understanding  of comics, movies, television, and video games. 

Freelance Writer

  • Writing articles, reviews, and summarizing press releases for video game website
  • Examples

Retail Associate, October 2014-Current

  • General customer service – answered questions for both local and foreign customers.
  • Handled register to ring up items at front.
  • Sales floor recovery, making sure store and products are neat and presentable to customers.
  • Supervised fitting rooms, making sure there was no safety issues and reporting theft to supervisors and SPS.
  • Unboxing and organizing flow of new shipments from backroom to sales floor.
  • Translator for Mandarin-speaking customers who were not fluent in English.

De Anza College 
Media Lab Assistant, April 2008-June 2009

  • Checked out computers and media-related items to registered De Anza/Foothill students.
  • General customer service – answered questions, provided help and support with technical difficulties.
  • Handled and processed register for fines and selling computer media related-materials.
  • Prepared and cleaned lab for opening and closing.

Gaia Online
Site Moderator, July 2005-June 2009

  • Handled reports regarding user abuse, scams, and ToS violations.
  • Investigated users suspected of ban dodging and in-game exploitations.
  • Created and drafted up forum rules and guidelines.

Raging Waters 
Food Service/Cashier, May 2007-August 2007

  • General customer service – answered questions, helped customers find items, etc..
  • Worked in store and food stall by running cash register.
  • Operated food stall by helping with food preparation, cleaning utensils, etc.. 


  • Adobe Photoshop    
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • TriCaster    
  • Final Cut Pro 
  • Wordpress
  • Chinese (Mandarin)


Academy of Art University

  • Multimedia Communications Major
  • News anchor and reporter for K-ART news.
  • Producer and participant in school reality show, The Academy Race.
  • Participated in Magic: the Gathering club.

De Anza College

  • Literature major
  • Red Wheelbarrow literary magazine editor for 2011 Student and 2010 National Edition


  • Entertainment Consumers Association
  • Asian American Journalists Association
  • Online News Association


  • Ceramic pottery-throwing.
  • World of Warcraft raiding.
  • Writing for personal video game blog at Alee Speaks
  • Volunteer for Yaoicon 2012 and 2014.
  • Playing MMORPGs.
  • Travel around the world – visited major cities in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.
  • Practiced traditional Chinese dance.
  • Building desktop computers.
  • Played several instruments – piano, clarinet, guitar, and guzheng.
  • Awarded certificate in good sportsmanship for gracefully losing five chess matches in a row during first grade.