The script for twenty-page long one-shop about the final days of a fantasy MMORPG from the point of view of an player character from an abandoned account.

Newscast Script - OSCARS BEAST

A script for a news piece about the Academy of Art students who worked on Oscar nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild during the 2013 Oscars ceremony, with voice over and interview clips.

Newscast Script - QINGMING

The newsroom script for the Chinese holiday Qingming, with the news story told through only interview sound clips and b-roll, without any voice overs.

Short Story - ARTEMIS

A short creative story written for narrative storytelling class about a young girl living in an alternative version of the United States around the turn of the 20th century who doesn't quite fit in with what's expected of her and doesn't realize her own potential.

My profile listing all of the articles I've written for video game site, Examples of articles include reviews, press releases, opinion pieces, and speculation on unreleased games. 

Alee Speaks

Video game blog with content written and produced by me for personal entertainment.